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Turn your boldest goals into step-by-step strategic plans.

What we do

Build strategic plans and see them through.

Founded by Tricia Sanders, a St. Louis-based consultant whose methods have led to effective change in privately held and public entities across the globe, High Five Strategies gives you the tools and motivation to take your business to the next level and beyond.

We get to know what you do, and more importantly, why you do it, to align your teams and create solutions that stick.


We’re here to guide you, push you, and celebrate you every step of the way.


Let’s get together.

Show us how you work so we can build and execute an effective strategic plan.


Let’s shift perspectives.

Break out of the day-to-day to gain perspective, define goals, and design a way forward.


Let’s roll up our sleeves.

Discuss, identify, and prioritize real, reachable outcomes that everyone can get behind.


Let’s make a plan.

Break big ideas down to simple, actionable steps that spark collaboration and communication.


Let’s go!

With an approved plan in hand, we work together to execute goals and put a brighter future in sight.

our commitment

We won’t leave
you hanging.

Some consultants give you a plan and leave you to it. High Five Strategies sees it through. Our results-driven approach, inclusive style, and determined attitude hold you accountable to your commitments — and set your organization up for success.

Meet Our Team

founder & lead consultant

Tricia Sanders, MBA, PMP

Tricia helps businesses turn their biggest, boldest goals into step-by-step strategic plans. Then, she helps see them through — challenging assumptions, aligning teams and creating solutions that stick along the way. By breaking organizations out of the day-to-day, Sanders inspires fresh perspectives and a clear view forward. Her methods have led to effective, lasting change in privately-held and public entities across the globe. With a results-driven approach, inclusive style and driven attitude, she provides tools and motivation that takes businesses to the next level and beyond.


Burgandy Fitzhenry, MBA

Burgandy excels at building high-functioning teams with a focus on inclusive, engaged work cultures. She is skilled at guiding growing organizations to move from intuition to intention. Her focus on building a work culture worth bragging about aligns your teams to a common vision of success and motivates your employees to work together in creating solutions that stick. Burgandy brings with her the persistence, partnership, and tools to help you make the purposeful progress you are seeking.

Let’s work together.

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